Thesen Island

Thesen Island is a multi-award winning marina development located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the renowned Garden Route of South Africa. It’s linked by a causeway and bridge to the mainland, and is within walking distance of the scenic waterfront, yacht harbour and town centre of Knysna, one of South Africa’s most picturesque and popular coastal towns.

Thesen Island is situated in the midst of the tranquil waters of the richest ecological estuaries in South Africa – home to the rare and endangered Knysna sea horse. Legend has it that the San or Bushmen, were the earliest inhabitants of the island. Later settlers made it their home, drawn by the rich indigenous forests where herds of the famous Knysna elephant roamed. This river estuary is one of the most sensitive ecosystems in the country and a major tourist attraction. Therefore the development of Thesen Island was handled with extreme sensitivity to its unique ecological situation, creating a truly special experience for visitors.

The great variety of newly developed facilities on Thesen Island is another good reason why it’s such a fantastic place to visit. The facilities are all close by and in easy reach for your enjoyment.

Thesen Island is a marina development, so the focus is on water sports and activities, but there is also plenty of choice for those that aren’t as enthusiastic about getting wet. Relax on the beach under your umbrella, take a stroll in the park, explore the maze, visit the orchard and pick some seasonal fruit or visit the play park with your children. No matter the age, every member of the family will find some form of entertainment that will appeal to them.

thesen island
thesen island

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This beautiful 3 bedroom house is situated on the water's edge. This is the Thesen Island lifestyle. There is something magical about this place. You would want to stay here forever.

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